A Journey of Gratitude

As we enter the final week of the campaign before the June 7 primary, I wanted to reflect upon our journey over this last year, and to personally thank you for supporting our efforts.

Remember early 2021? Fires raged on Ocean Front Walk, the Ballona Wetlands, and Pacific Palisades. Hundreds of tents lined the Venice Boardwalk, and encampments sprawled throughout Westchester Park, Mar Vista Park, and under every bridge and freeway in our District. Crime skyrocketed.

Mike Bonin, who was silent on all of that, filed to run for this third term in office and began raising money for his campaign. The chatter around the District and across social media was “Where are the candidates?”

I wasn’t looking to leave my legal career and get into local politics. But I knew our District needed help, so when I was asked if I would consider running, I decided to accept the challenge.

When I started making calls to enlist professional help to run the campaign, most people didn’t even call me back, and those who did weren’t interested in a first time candidate running against an incumbent. Some people thought I was crazy to even try! I knew it would take hard work to build a successful campaign, but I also knew our community was worth fighting for.

I started by visiting every neighborhood in CD-11, meeting with small business owners, and listening in on neighborhood council meetings, just to hear what neighbors and stakeholders had to say. I created a campaign platform designed to be responsive to YOUR needs.

So many of you opened your homes and invited your friends and neighbors to come meet me. We held a town hall in every neighborhood, and did a District-wide town hall on homelessness and public safety. Many of you donated because you believe in me and you share our vision for a safe and prosperous Westside.

Along the way, many business groups, community leaders, neighborhood organizations, our public safety partners at LAFD, LAPD, and our airport police and park rangers, saw me as a leader with the skills to set us on the right path. I am so honored to have their endorsements.

Because of you, we have a real shot at making change at City Hall.

You have my gratitude for your ongoing help and support, and I am honored to earn your vote. I will continue to do my best to make things right for you!


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