Park’s Progress Report, October 15, 2022

This has been a challenging week for our City, and I wanted to provide you with an update from my campaign.

Together We Will Heal

The pain of this week for Angelenos is still being felt, but we are a City of Angels, and together we will heal. We have learned from our past that divided we fall, but if we remain united, we can move mountains.

As your next elected Councilwoman, I will collaborate with ALL constituents, serve the ENTIRE community, and always do my best for YOU. Thank you for your unwavering support as we race toward the finish line on November 8.

Check out City Controller Ron Galperin’s remarks by clicking the image below:

Everyone’s Talking About Traci!

Venice Adversaries Unite Behind Traci Park

In a touching column in the Westside Current, two active Venice community members, Barry Cassilly and Alix Gucovsky, who agree on little to nothing, write about Traci: “Today, we are writing as a unified voice, one that is not defined by our differences but by our love of our community and to stress the importance of putting aside partisanship to rally behind Traci Park in the November election.”

This piece is reflective of what really matters in our community: setting aside our differences to solve the very real challenges we face across the Westside.

Addressing The Ugly Smears From The Darling Campaign

Over the last week, we’ve seen a series of ugly, hateful attacks on Traci from the Darling campaign. He planted smear stories in the media, distributed false and misleading emails, and sent out text messages to voters across the District accusing her of “defending racism” because she represented the City of Anaheim in a disputed employment case, which was ultimately settled and voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff.

To be clear, there are two attorneys in this race. Mr. Darling defends rapists, murderers, pedophiles, and child pornographers. In one case, he victim-shamed a woman who was raped at gunpoint in a public restroom. In another, he represented a gang member who murdered and dismembered a young man in the Angeles National Forest. In yet another, he represented a man accused of molesting a child who also possessed dozens of disgusting videos depicting adult men having sex with young children.

It is no more fair for Mr. Darling to accuse Traci of the alleged misconduct committed by an employee of her client than it is to accuse Mr. Darling of the crimes his clients committed. See these attacks for what they are: a desperate effort by a failing to campaign to distract voters from the fact that Mr. Darling is wrong on the issues and has no real plans to address the biggest challenges facing the Westside.

Traci entered this campaign to tackle the hard issues head on, and she will not be deterred by the bad behavior of the Darling campaign.

Traci Across the District

This week, Traci visited with constituents at the Westdale block party in Mar Vista and the Mountaingate community in Brentwood, attended backyard get togethers in Del Rey and the Palisades, and she spent some time with the Del Rey and Brentwood community councils.

Traci also spent a wonderful morning meeting with the Mar Vista Seniors Club at Mar Vista Park. It was wonderful hearing from our local seniors about issues that are important to them and how Traci will be their partner and ally at City Hall.

Endorsements And Upcoming Events!

Traci is very grateful to have earned the support of her former opponents in the CD 11 race, Mike Newhouse, Jim Murez, and Mat Smith.

In addition, Traci and former CD 11 candidate Alison Holdorff Polhill will be hosting a Zoom to discuss women’s issues and environmental plans for our community on October 30. Stay tuned for an invite to that event, or reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Volunteering and Upcoming Event

We invite you to please volunteer at the office for our nightly phone banking. Traci often joins in and when voters hear from her supporters, it really makes a difference. We are asking all our supporters to volunteer eight hours or more between now and Election Day to make sure that Traci wins this election. More hands make for a lighter load and there are plenty of voters left to talk with about the election!

Please check out our volunteer interest form to sign-up and get information on other upcoming opportunities:

We also invite you to join Traci for a Zoom campaign rally on Tuesday (10/18) at 6pm. Please RSVP here to register!

Vote Early! Vote Now!

Less than one month until Election Day, and early voting has begun! We need all of you to email your friends and tell your neighbors why Traci is your candidate for CD 11.


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