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Traci Park's Safety Homeless Plans
End Encampments

We must get unhoused people off the streets for their safety and for public safety.

Traci’s top priority is ending the inhumanity of encampment living and the community impacts that correlate with it. She knows how challenging the problems are. In many areas, they have risen to a crisis level – but they are not unsolvable.

We cannot and will not criminalize poverty, addiction, or mental health disorders – but we can and must insist upon clean and safe streets, parks, and neighborhoods.

Traci will collaborate with CD11 residents, stakeholders, and subject matter experts to ensure that people are sheltered and public spaces are safe. She will work to:

  • Enact both short- and longer-term solutions
  • Accurately assess number and needs of unhoused
  • Increase mental health/substance abuse services
  • Create adequate shelter/housing with services
  • Prevent homelessness before it happens
  • Adopt a policy of compassionate enforcement
  • Establish a city-wide plan, budget, and timeline
  • Reallocate resources to achieve measurable results
  • Create and monitor an achievable timeline
  • Change how service providers are compensated
Restore Public Safety

Keeping our communities safe by supporting first responders is imperative.

Addressing the City’s substantial increase in crime and supporting law enforcement are fundamental elements of Traci’s plan. Many public places in CD11 have become unsafe for our residents and visitors. This cannot continue. We must make our neighborhoods and public spaces safe and welcoming for everyone. Traci will fight at City Hall to enhance community safety, reduce crime and violence, and provide adequate resources for first responders. She will work to:

  1. Provide funding and authority to safety partners
  2. Enforce existing safety laws and craft new ones
  3. Protect neighborhoods and public spaces
  4. Reform mental health and substance abuse laws

My cousin is a police officer in Northern California. We sometimes disagree on politics, but I tell you what: I always listen to his opinions because he is out there, working hard and doing his best, every day. I respect him with every fiber of my being, just like I respect the dedicated men and women who risk their lives every day to keep the rest of us safe here in LA. – Traci Park

Promote Economic Recovery

A vibrant local economy underpins our Westside way of life.

As we emerge from the pandemic, local businesses need the City’s support more than ever. Traci will look for ways to help the Westside business community and workers thrive. With the Olympics returning to Los Angeles in 2028, we have a once in a generation opportunity to welcome the world and supercharge our local economy – but only if we have the leadership it takes to make it a success! Among other initiatives, Traci will work to:

  • Partner with tech and entertainment companies to keep the industry in LA and bring CD11 back to the leading edge. District 11 used to be an economic powerhouse that attracted entrepreneurial talent and industry. However, since the pandemic began, we’ve lost more jobs than any other district in the City except CD4. Traci will support initiatives that restore CD11 to its distinctive place as a hub for entertainment and technology endeavors.
  • Create job training and placement programs, and reduce the bureaucracy that keeps would-be small business owners from getting permits. Let’s keep it real: among those hit hardest by the pandemic are family-, women-, and minority-owned small businesses. These demographics are vitally important parts of CD11 and deserve to have greater support.
  • Prioritize local businesses so we can restore one of the most vibrant and diverse economies in the State. People love our lively communities, al-fresco dining, and beautiful scenery. By working together and creating a partnership between the City and small businesses, we will revitalize CD11, boost our tourism economy, and make sure West LA retains its place as an event destination.
Improve Infrastructure

Traci’s core commitments are: Modernization + Stabilization along with Sustainability + Resiliency.

Traci will work to ensure that CD 11 leads the City in the quality and sustainability of our built environment and infrastructure. After two decades of working with local governments, she knows it’s the foundation of economic prosperity. Infrastructure is the economy!

It’s essential that we modernize now – not years or decades down the road, but today.

Traci will fight for the upgrades and improvements necessary to ensure that our district has the best roads and sidewalks, the most modern transportation network, and the cleanest and most sustainable infrastructure.

With the Summer Olympics fast approaching in 2028 we must act with urgency. The eyes of the world will be on L.A. that year, and Traci will make sure that CD 11 shines.

Nurture Our Environment

Today more than ever, our City needs a bold environmental vision backed by effective action.

Protecting and revitalizing CD11’s iconic beach, mountain, and urban environments is a crucial part of Traci’s platform. Our inviting beaches are the heart and soul of Los Angeles, where people from across the City, County, and world come to relax and connect with nature. They promote both public health and mental health, and are one of the most important assets to our local economy. But beaches and green spaces are also vital to preserving the wildlife that surrounds us.

Much of our Westside is built in close proximity to landscape features that play key roles in sustaining wildlife habitats.

Keeping our oceans clean and sparkling invites visitors to enjoy themselves in unpolluted, safe waters. It also provides a habitat for marine life. In the same way, setting aside more public greenspaces – like our Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve – enhances livability for people and offers significant benefits to wildlife. And increasing our urban forest canopy cover will help our Westside adapt to climate change.

Research also shows that cultivating urban nature plays a vital role in well-being – people are mentally, physically, and socially healthier when they live in greener environments

Successful models for greening urban environments already exist, and Traci will help bring them to us.

Invest in What's Working

Using practical data to scale up and improve successful programs just makes sense.

There are dozens – if not hundreds – of successful programs currently addressing CD11 and Citywide issues. We have the resources and brainpower to identify and scale these successes to achieve positive outcomes faster.

  • Use technology to create the right data sets for different policy areas. With technological advancements making more information available in real time, we can define and quantify successful outcomes for any area we choose to analyze.
  • Require accurate and reliable information to help identify what’s working. By making high-quality data collection a requirement of receiving City funds, we can see which programs are working best and fulfilling their established goals.
  • Replicate and build on successful programs. Once data analysis tells us which programs are successful, they become models. We can replicate them and use them as springboards for even greater success.

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