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Traci Park's Safety Homeless Plans
Tackle Housing & Homelessness

Easing housing insecurity is a number one priority for Traci. We must help people remain in their residences AND increase the supply of affordable housing – while ensuring that such housing actually goes to qualified people.

At the same time, we must get unhoused people off the streets for their safety and for public safety. We cannot and will not criminalize financial hardship, addiction, or mental health disorders – but we can and must insist upon safety for all.

Provide strong renter protections
The average one-bedroom rent in LA is $2,750. More than two-thirds of LA households spend 30% of their income on rent and utilities, and nearly half spend 50% on rent and utilities. As rents continue to soar, a stronger defense for LA renters is critical.

Drive creation of affordable/workforce housing
The median home price in LA hit $1M in September of 2022. On the Westside, the median price hit $1.7M. Sky-high housing costs contribute to homelessness, cause anxiety, and increasingly drive middle class folks out of our city. This must be rectified.

Prevent homelessness before it happens
It’s far more compassionate and less expensive to prevent encampments before they happen. Yet not enough dollars are directed at preventive solutions. We have to create additional resources for those at immediate risk of losing their homes for economic reasons.

End encampments
Traci’s top priority is ending the inhumanity of encampment living. Unhoused people MUST be provided with shelter and services and public spaces MUST be kept safe for all. In many Westside areas, homelessness issues have risen to a crisis level – but they are not unsolvable.

Restore Public Safety
Keeping our communities safe by supporting first responders is imperative.

Addressing the City’s substantial increase in crime and supporting all of our community safety partners are fundamental elements of Traci’s plan. Crime in our City is way too high. As a result, many families and businesses are not safe in their own neighborhoods. This cannot continue. We must make the Westside safe and welcoming for everyone. Traci will fight at City Hall to enhance community safety, reduce crime and violence, and provide adequate resources for our first responders. She will work to:

  1. Provide funding and staffing to law enforcement
    • Immediately increase funding and staffing at LAPD to a minimum of 10,000 officers with a sustained focus on ongoing recruitment and retention
  2. Protect neighborhoods and public spaces
    • Get more officers on the street, regulate our public spaces, and restore collaborative relationships with law enforcement
  3. Reform mental health and substance abuse laws
    • Expand addiction recovery and mental health programs, quickly implement the State’s CARE court plan in Los Angeles, and prosecute criminals who manufacture and distribute illegal street drugs
  4. Enforce existing laws
    • Empower law enforcement to address property and other quality of life crimes
  5. Expand and strengthen LAFD
    • Fully resource the Los Angeles Fire Department to adequately protect our City
Promote Economic Recovery

A vibrant local economy underpins our Westside way of life. From the economic engine of LAX to the thousands of small businesses that serve our local communities, our District offers some of the finest shopping, dining, and services anywhere in the City. However, we’ve lost hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs due to the one-two punch of the pandemic and public safety crises.

CD11 should be a dream destination for entrepreneurs and emerging businesses. People love our lively communities, al-fresco dining, and beautiful scenery. Traci will prioritize local businesses so we can restore one of the most dynamic and diverse economies in the State.

With the Olympics returning to Los Angeles in 2028, we have a once in a generation opportunity to welcome the world and supercharge our local economy – but only if we have the leadership it takes to make it a success!

Improve Infrastructure
Traci’s core commitments are: Modernization + Stabilization along with Sustainability + Resiliency.

Traci will work to ensure that CD 11 leads the City in the quality and sustainability of our built environment and infrastructure. After two decades of working with local governments, she knows it’s the foundation of economic prosperity. Infrastructure is the economy!
It’s essential that we modernize now – not years or decades down the road, but today.

Traci will fight for the upgrades and improvements necessary to ensure that our district has the best roads and sidewalks, the most modern transportation network, and the cleanest and most sustainable infrastructure.

With the Summer Olympics fast approaching in 2028 we must act with urgency. The eyes of the world will be on L.A. that year, and Traci will make sure that CD 11 shines.

Strengthen Climate Resilience
Today more than ever, our City needs a bold environmental vision backed by effective action.

Protecting CD11’s iconic beach, mountain, and urban environments is a crucial part of Traci’s platform. Addressing climate change and the threats posed to our quality of life and our City’s natural resources must also be a top priority for the entire City Council.

In September of 2021, the City Council approved a new goal for LA to achieve 100% clean energy by 2035. It’s a critical commitment to cutting the carbon pollution that causes climate change.

But setting a clean energy goal is only the first step. Traci will work to develop and deploy projects that deliver clean, renewable power to our homes and businesses. Water recycling and reclamation initiatives must also be put into immediate effect to meet our changing needs. All these efforts will generate well-paying jobs for Angelenos, in sectors including development, design, building, installation, and maintenance.

Our success in mitigating the impacts of climate change will dramatically impact our quality of life in CD11 and throughout LA – both now and long into our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

We can and must do more across the City to combat the existential threat of climate change. Successful models already exist, and Traci will work tirelessly to implement a low-carbon, green energy future that benefits our Westside residents, communities, and economy.

Prioritize Social Rights

Traci believes it is a core government responsibility to do everything possible to provide all community members with equitable resources and opportunities so they can realize their full potential. She will be a strong advocate for social rights across the board – for everyone.

Preserve and expand women’s rights
Raised by a single mom who worked hard to support the family on a limited budget, Traci grew up with a strong woman as her role model. As a councilmember, she will prioritize women’s rights from reproductive justice to business opportunities and parenting needs.

Protect the rights of Americans with disabilities
Safe and accessible public transportation, workforce development and economic opportunity, and expansion of mental and physical health services are essential components of Traci’s platform. 

Provide senior services and resources
There are currently about 764,000 L.A. residents who are 60 and older. That number is expected to hit 1 million by 2030. Traci believes that these community members deserve the amenities and infrastructure to safely enjoy vital lives.

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