We are headed to a runoff election in November!


What an amazing couple of weeks! I’m incredibly grateful for your support over this last year. So many of you worked hard: you collected signatures, made calls, knocked on doors, raised money, spread the word, and helped build our grass roots coalition for compassionate, common sense change.

I’m truly humbled: we got here because of your efforts, and I love the excitement and momentum we’re creating together! Now, it’s time to build on all the work we’ve already done.

Our Campaign Goes On!

We are headed to a runoff election in November!

As of this morning, 39,035 ballots have been tallied, but more remain to be counted. While final numbers will fluctuate a bit as more votes are counted, Mike Bonin’s hand-picked successor and I are just a few hundred votes apart. (Updates are posted on Tuesdays and Fridays). The race is now clearly defined: the failed past versus a hopeful, collaborative future.

Every. Vote. Matters.

Although there are over 170,000 registered voters in our district, turnout was very low. And, with eight candidates in the race, every single vote had a significant impact on the final count. Going forward, our focus must be on getting out the vote for change.

The phrase “elections have consequences” couldn’t be truer than it is for CD-11 in 2022. We’ve come this far together, and none of us can afford to be complacent. The future of our City and our beautiful Westside communities are at stake, and if we are going to bring positive change and common sense leadership to City Hall, we cannot rest.

I Need You More Than Ever.

Making sure our message of change, optimism, and renewal gets clearly heard over the next five months will be essential to success.

Last but far from least, the general election is a new fundraising cycle. We have another fundraising deadline on June 30, and I need your support more than ever. Click here to donate, and please ask your friends and neighbors to donate, too. Because this is a new election, all prior donors are now free to donate again up to the maximum of $800 per donor.

We intend to win this election, and I need your help to get it done. I will do my best to ensure the best days of CD-11 lie ahead, and I know you will, too.

Thank you again for all you have done, and we’ll see you this summer!


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