Restore Public Safety Details

Traci recognizes that confidence and trust are essential for police to perform the necessary functions of keeping our communities safe. She will use her experience working with police and fire leadership and unions to ensure that first responders have the funding, training, tools, authority, and resources necessary to compassionately serve the City’s ever-growing and diverse population.

(1) Provide Funding and Authority to Safety Partners

Our first responders put themselves in harm’s way to protect the rest of us. Traci will do everything in her power to keep them safe and meet their needs. Traci also respects their judgment and will not interfere with their ability to perform their lawful duties.


  • Prioritize funding and resources for our public safety partners. This includes LAPD, Airport Police, Park Rangers, and LAFD.
  • Expand services related to mental health and homelessness. Trained specialists must be available 24/7 to respond to urgent mental health calls and take the burden off police.
  • Trust law enforcement to do its job. Traci will work with City Councilmembers to make sure the City provides consistent and clear direction on rules while supporting our public safety partners in their efforts to enforce those rules.

(2) Enforce Existing Safety Laws and Craft New Ones

We are at a crossroads of public safety, health, and humanitarianism and we have to face the facts: significant parts of CD11 have become unsafe for children, families, businesses, visitors, and residents. From fires in our hillsides to violent crimes and frightening encounters on our streets, our very quality of life is under threat. We need to draw a line that lives up to our values and protects our communities. Traci will work to reduce crime and violence, allow for safe and non-violent interventions, and make our neighborhoods and public spaces safe for everyone.

  • Work with our new City Attorney to craft legally-compliant ordinances to address ongoing public safety issues. We must enact policies to ensure quality of life, for safety’s sake.
  • Reject bad legal settlements. We must say no to bad legal settlements and policies that make homelessness and safety problems worse.
  • Orient services around encouraging positive outcomes. Rights must come with civic responsibilities. Through poor leadership, a wasteful and corrupt system, and terribly flawed laws, our City has been enabling a continued deterioration. It’s time for changes including investment in community policing and suitable diversion programs.

(3) Protect Neighborhood and Public Spaces

We are right to expect our parks to be safe for our children. And wanting to live in neighborhoods where seniors can safely go for a walk does not demonstrate a lack of compassion. Data shows a high level of both violent and non-violent criminal activity in and around encampments. Encampment residents are frequent victims of rape, trafficking, assaults, murder, and other atrocities. ALL citizens deserve safe places to sleep, and the idea that living in public spaces without sanitation or utilities is an acceptable choice must end.

  • Legally protect public spaces for equal use and access by everyone. Utilizing recreational spaces to house the unhoused limits access for the tens of thousands of Angelenos who rely on them for essential recreation. There are far more appropriate places for shelters, and Traci is committed to developing those.
  • Public rights of way must be equally accessible, and equally regulated, for all. Laws must apply to everyone, regardless of housing status. The proliferation of tents, makeshift structures, and personal belongings on our streets and sidewalks create unacceptable health and safety risks.
  • Prioritize public safety issues and demand that they be a part of every homelessness solution. When homeless facilities and services are brought into neighborhoods, they must come with enforceable Community Benefit Agreements so the host community is kept clean and safe. Traci fully commits to active engagement with every community about these critical decisions. The broken promises we see in Venice must be rectified and never repeated.

(4) Reform Mental Health and Substance Abuse Laws

Did you know that our City won’t work with or fund housing or intervention solutions that are treatment based? Mental health and addiction are documented to be significant contributors to the current crisis, but under our present laws, state funding for emergency shelters doesn’t allow this to be addressed. That needs to change. Contrary to public perception, 3 out of 4 people who experience addiction eventually recover and go on to live full lives, according to a study published in 2020 by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Traci believes that providing mental health and addiction treatment are absolutely essential to saving individual lives and addressing broad public safety concerns. She will push to:

  • Implement sound policies to address addiction and mental health. Instead of letting people fall through the cracks, we need to catch them before they are in crisis. We must restore mandated treatment for drug offenders and provide care and supervision for mental illness and substance abuse disorders.
  • Lobby for expanding appropriate conservatorship for the severely mentally ill. We have to enact compassionate means for helping those who cannot help themselves. Continuing to allow them to deteriorate and even die on our streets is not an acceptable answer to the crisis we face.
  • Reform state laws restricting local ability to prioritize residential addiction recovery and mental and behavioral health programs.


  • CF 21-0929: Motion to designate all LA public schools as sensitive sites for enforcement under 41.18
  • CF 21-1115: Motion to ban bicycle “chop shops” on public property and public-right-of-way in LA
  • CF 14-1057-S9: Motion to regulate vehicle dwelling
  • CF 20-1376-S2: Motion to Amend Section 41.18 to add that no person who has been offered shelter may sit, lie or sleep in or upon and public right-of-way or publicly owned property


  • Enforcement of Crimes In or Near Homeless Encampments: Calls on City Council and Mayor to direct LAPD and other law enforcement to enforce all existing laws prohibiting sale and distribution of illegal drugs, human trafficking, and other serious crimes taking place in or near homeless encampments.
  • Enforce Laws Prohibiting Blockage of Public Right of Way: Calls on City Council and Mayor to direct LAPD and others to enforce all existing laws prohibiting blockage of right of way under Americans with Disabilities Act

Together, we will renew our vibrant and family-friendly Westside community.

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