Promote Economic Recovery

By working cooperatively and creating a partnership between the City and local businesses, we will revitalize CD11, boost our tourism economy, and make sure the Westside retains its place as an event destination.

As we emerge from the pandemic with inflation rising, the cost of living soaring, and a recession looming, local businesses need the City’s support more than ever. Traci will be a strong advocate for the Westside business community and the vital workforce that is its lifeblood.

Together we will thrive as we conquer the economic challenges ahead.

Among other initiatives, Traci will work to:

  • Partner with tech and entertainment companies to keep the industry in LA and bring CD11 back to the leading edge. District 11 used to be an economic powerhouse that attracted entrepreneurial talent and industry. However, since the pandemic began, we’ve lost more jobs than any other district in the City except CD4. Traci will support initiatives that restore CD11 to its distinctive place as a hub for entertainment and technology endeavors.
  • Create Green Investment Districts on the Westside. Traci will help make CD11 a home for clean energy and green technology and create incentives for businesses committed to best practices that align with the environmental values of our coastal community.
  • Invest in infrastructure and sustainable development. From century-old water mains to overburdened roads and seismically fragile bridges and overpasses, our infrastructure is crumbling. We’ve barely begun to plan or build for the post-fossil fuel world, and we are amidst a massive housing shortage. Traci knows that accelerating sustainable infrastructure and responsible development is not only an investment in climate and our future, but in good paying jobs and our local economy.
  • Expand job training and placement programs. Los Angeles needs a workforce development system to train workers for jobs in leading and emerging industries, including tech and green innovation. Traci will partner with local businesses and universities to create career pipelines, and she will focus on local hiring initiatives to keep good paying jobs in our local communities.
  • Bring jobs and prosperity to the Westside. Traci values our City’s employers and job producers as partners in helping bring greater prosperity to the residents of CD11. Investing in local businesses means investing in jobs, our economy, and community stability across the Westside.
  • Reduce the bureaucracy. The maze of red tape that keeps would-be small business owners from getting permits and licenses is stifling economic recovery. Traci will ensure that businesses have a partner in the CD11 office who will help reduce bureaucracy and delays at City Hall. Her local business team will offer streamlined assistance and outreach to the business community about permitting, procedures, economic relief, and other resources available to them.
  • Restore diversity in the small business community. Among those hit hardest by the pandemic were family-, women-, and minority-owned small businesses. These demographics are vitally important parts of CD11 and deserve to have greater support. Traci’s small business advisory council will include an emphasis on supporting women and minority-owned businesses across the Westside.
  • Support our local restaurants. On the Westside, we are blessed with some of the best and most diverse dining options anywhere in the world, and our local restaurants provide many thousands of jobs. But, our local eateries have been hard hit by the pandemic and the public safety crises, and too many of our favorite eateries are holding on by a thread or gone forever. Traci will fight to keep al fresco dining as a way of life on the Westside, while ensuring that traffic, parking, and other neighborhood impacts are properly mitigated.
  • Focus on the leisure and hospitality industries. CD11 is home to LAX and beach destinations famous around the world. Thirty percent of the Westside economy is tourism driven. Unfortunately, our local hotels, restaurants, and visitor serving retail economy has suffered terribly due to the pandemic and rising crime. Traci will restore our coastal district as a safe destination point for visitors from around the world and invest in industries that bring billions of dollars to our local economy.
  • Keep local businesses safe. The City has been non-responsive to legitimate public safety concerns, like lack of police presence and slow response times, burdening many businesses with the costs of private security, retail theft, layout redesign, camera systems, and security gates. Traci will restore public safety funding and staffing to adequate levels to keep our community safe and ensure that LAPD has adequate presence and partnerships in our business districts.
  • Create workforce housing across CD11. Traci will use her City Council office to promote the construction of workforce housing for forgotten low and middle-income families. She believes CD11 should offer Angelenos, especially those who work on the Westside, housing options that enable them to live near their workplaces.

Together, we will renew our vibrant and family-friendly Westside community.

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