Improve Infrastructure


“Public infrastructure projects create well-paying jobs that strengthen our community’s economy. Starting on day one, I will work to ensure that CD11 receives every available dollar in federal, state, county, and city funding – and that every one of those dollars is spent as effectively and efficiently as possible. I will also invest in workforce development and job training to support careers in the green economy.”

After twenty years of working side-by-side with city and county officials around the state, Traci has a keen understanding of what’s needed to reduce waste, lower costs, and build the resilient infrastructure that our future depends upon.

Traci will fight at City Hall for affordable, sustainable policies that prioritize all of our needs and move us towards a low-carbon, green-energy future. She will use all available resources to invest in infrastructure improvements in critical areas such as these:

  • Energy & power
    • Rooftop solar incentives
    • Clean energy incentives for businesses
    • Renewable energy in City-owned buildings
    • Energy storage projects
  • Transportation
    • EV charging stations City-wide
    • Mass transit expansion, such as the Sepulveda rail line
    • Rapid conversion of the City fleet to zero-emission vehicles
    • Network of safe bike lines connecting the City
  • Fresh water supply
    • Leaky pipe repair/replacement projects
    • High-efficiency plumbing fixture requirements
    • Stormwater capture and storage
    • Retrofit program for high-efficiency residential/business water systems
  • Wastewater & stormwater treatment
    • Wastewater reclamation and reuse
    • Commercial and residential greywater systems
    • Trash interceptors at places like Ballona Creek and further upstream
    • Improved facility monitoring, including at Hyperion so we don’t have another environmental catastrophe, like the massive raw sewage spill into our ocean in 2021
  • Solid waste disposal: recycling, composting, and e-waste
    • Localized recycling programs
    • Increased use of materials with high recycling rates
    • Penalties for/enforcement of illegal dumping
    • Incentivize community composting
    • E-waste collection and recycling centers
  • Broadband/information technology
    • Equitable access to high quality internet
  • Schools & libraries
    • Facility assessment and upgrades


Our infrastructure must be designed and built for the low/zero emissions, post-fossil fuel future.

California and the City of Los Angeles have some of the most ambitious goals in the nation for transitioning to zero emission vehicles. Making this essential transformation requires investing in the infrastructure needed to support it, and Traci is working on policies to ensure that L.A. and CD 11 remain leaders in this effort.

Planning for a clean energy future also requires investing in cost-effective and sustainable renewable energy systems to power our City’s homes, businesses, and government facilities. Under Traci’s watch, all of these investments will be made with full transparency.

And as we transition, it’s imperative that we’re mindful about the collateral impacts of rare earth mining and e-waste collection and disposal. Traci’s plans to address these issues are mindful of lessons from the fossil fuel era – we need to get it right from the start, not play catch-up years or decades down the road.


The right choices will create the resilience to withstand adverse events and a changing environment.

L.A.’s infrastructure needs work. A lot of work, from century-old water mains to overburdened roads and seismically fragile bridges and overpasses. We’ve barely begun to plan or build for the post-fossil fuel world. We’re unprepared for extreme climate events like sea level rise or extended and intensified drought and heat waves.

Traci knows that addressing climate change and accelerating sustainable infrastructure are among the biggest challenges of our times. She understands that the payoffs for getting it right are enormous. We can create good jobs that come with the greatest of all benefits – a healthier future for all of us.

She’ll take the lead on projects within City control, and build on her existing relationships at the County level to ensure follow-through on aspects under County authority such as schools and libraries.

Together, we will renew our vibrant and family-friendly Westside community.

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