City Council Bans Encampments Near Schools & Daycares

Hi Friends,

On Wednesday, despite efforts of “activists” to shut down the meeting by screaming profanities at our elected officials, the LA City Council voted 11-3 to ban homeless encampments within 500 feet of schools and day-care centers, choosing to stand with children, families, and school staff, an action I wholeheartedly support.

The City Council’s decision is the right step toward keeping children, teachers, and parents safe. Sadly, as we head into a new school year in the coming weeks, safety and security are on every parent’s mind. The sensible measures approved by the City Council are supported by parents and school staff who have raised concerns regarding drug use, erratic and violent behavior, and other unsafe conditions observed on or near campuses.

Despite the many concerns raised by parents and school staff, my opponent, Erin Darling, opposes the Council’s action and intends to stand in the way of sensible solutions to keep schools a sanctuary for learning and our communities safe.

There is no doubt that homelessness must be a focus of legislators locally and statewide. As your next Councilmember, I will work to enact effective, data-based solutions to address housing and supportive services. But, putting kids and schools in the crosshairs is not one of those solutions.

As we head into the general election in November, voters in our District have a clear choice between common sense change or more of the same failed approaches that led us where we are today. Please join me in restoring responsible leadership at City Hall.


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