About Traci


Traci Park grew up in Southern California. Her family was devoted to public service. Her stepfather worked for the school district where her mother also served as school union president for more than 20 years. Traci’s own civic engagement involves training business owners and public entities about fair compensation, employee rights, and race and gender equity in the workplace.

Traci’s grandmother was a devoted Laker fan who never missed a Chick Hearn broadcast.  Like her father before her, Traci bleeds Dodger blue.  She also loves the Los Angeles Chargers and suffers through every game.

Traci didn’t come from a wealthy family, but one that taught her the value of hard work and determination, and encouraged her to go out and make the world a better place. Her mother reports that Traci’s first words were ‘Doing!’ and that’s exactly how she’s lived her life ever since!  Her life-long “can-do” spirit will inspire her CD-11 candidacy.


Traci got her first job at the local Olive Garden at the age of 16 and worked her way through college and law school.  While she was in college, Traci interned at the Public Defender’s office and competed on the debate team.  Her studies focused on political science and the history of civil rights in the United States.  After college, Traci returned to Los Angeles and attended Loyola Law School.

Traci settled in Venice and has spent her career as an attorney dealing with critical public sector issues.  She has extensive experience in civil rights litigation, and regularly works with City officials and labor to help craft polices around fair compensation, employee rights, and inclusive workplaces.  Traci also facilitates her law firm’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Civic Engagement committee, which partners with local organizations working to create a more just society.

Traci is also a dedicated environmental activist who believes in protecting and preserving natural resources.  An avid outdoorswoman, she swims in our ocean and hikes in our local mountains and sees first-hand the catastrophic effects of climate change, pollution, and loss of irreplaceable natural resources.


Solid results backed by diligent planning and intelligent reasoning are what Traci is known for delivering.  She is furious over the City’s inept leadership, wasteful spending of public resources, and failure to address the concerns of the CD-11 community

The present City leadership has not just been ineffective in finding solutions to the problems we face, they have allowed things to continually worsen. Everyone Traci talks with says the same thing: they are sick of excuses, finger-pointing, and broken promises from politicians.

Traci will collaborate with community leaders to create effective solutions for residents, businesses, and stakeholders in CD-11.

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